The Coalition for Physician Learning and Practice Improvement has awarded CAPM&R Executive Director, Heather Dow with the designation "Certified Professional in CPD (Healthcare).

This credential, CPC(HC), is a formal designation awarded to senior CPD professionals, in Canada, with significant experience and a demonstrated track record of achievement in CPD; recognizing their contributions as a leader, program developer, researcher and administrator.

Heather is from among the first cohort, of this new credential, and the only individual representing a national specialty society to receive this designation (and can use the credential CPC(HC).)

CAPM&R feature in this episode of Specialty Café!

From the episode's description:

Our guests describe Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation as a magical specialty. What could be better than getting up every day with the intention of optimizing the quality of your patients' lives? Join host Haley Eckel as she unpacks the mysteries of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation with two passionate doctors from Alberta: Dr. Jaime Yu, FRCPC and Dr. Yasmin Chishti (PGY4…now PGY-5!). It's no secret that fate has steered our guests toward this fulfilling specialty. A career in medicine can be tough - but Physiatry offers immense joy too. A bonus: it really is possible to have a healthy work/life balance. Who knows - Physiatry just might be your path!
What is Specialty Café? Every two weeks, Specialty Café connects medical students to Royal College specialists and residents. Created and hosted by med students, this series provides a glimpse into the reality of a day in the life of both a specialist and a resident. Who knows – you might find your chosen specialty!

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ESA astronaut Tim Peake is taking part in the Canadian experiment MARROW that will study the effects of ageing and immobility in microgravity. This will benefit astronauts and people on Earth who are bedridden or who have reduced mobility.


Information for International Physiatrists

Physiatrists wishing to enter the Canadian medical system are advised to contact the Credentialing Department at Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada for further information. They may also wish to contact the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the province where they wish to practice.