The CAPMR Community SIG was formed in 2017. The objective was to encourage and facilitate the successful practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in community settings across Canada. Further, we wanted to create an inventory of Community PMR Specialists across the country.

The SIG aspires to assist two constituencies. One, those currently in practice in non-academic centres. And the other, those considering the initiation of practice in a non-academic community setting (whether recently completed their residency, or an experienced colleague moving to a new community practice).

This SIG helps to navigate common practice concerns, provide a communication network to like-minded colleagues, and support and inform those considering a move to private practice in a community based setting. We are a nationwide SIG, with members from Newfoundland to Vancouver Island. We are relatively new, are growing, and have not yet maximized our effectiveness.

To date, we have met annually at the CAPMR conference. Topics covered have included:

  • “Advantages of Community Practice”
  • “Community Networking-How Can We Help Each Other”
  • “Research in the Community”
  • “Getting Started in the Community”
  • “Finances in the Community”

Future topics proposed include, but are not limited to:

  • “Pitfalls and Challenges in the Community”
  • “Teaching in the Community”
  • “CME and the Community Physiatrist”
  • “Social Media Support”
  • “Customizing Your Practice”
  • “Community Partnerships”
  • “Hospital based Community Practice”
  • “Medicolegal Concerns”
  • “Starting IME’s”
  • “Multiple Practice Sites”
  • “Urban versus Rural Practice”
  • “Adding a Practice Partner”
  • “Medical School Affiliations”
  • “Role of Technology in Community Practice”

We welcome anyone to join our SIG, or to ask questions of our members. Please feel free to communicate with me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There is also a list of community practice members’ contacts available thorough the CAPMR.

We look forward to your participation at the next CAPMR Annual Meeting. Suggestions for content are welcome.

Cheers, Tim Lapp MD MSc FRCPC
Assistant Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Community SIG Chairperson
Huntsville ON Qualicum Beach BC