Medical Students Committee
Terms of Reference

The Medical Students Committee (MSC) is a national committee of medical students that serves as the voice of the CAPM&R’s student members. We connect the CAPM&R with medical students across Canada. Ultimately, we aim to foster a community for all students interested in pursuing physiatry to learn and grow together.

Responsibilities and opportunities

  • Develop strategies to encourage and foster interaction among medical students interested in a career in physiatry.
  • Recommend or develop ideas, programs, and products to encourage medical students to explore physiatry.
  • Obtain and share feedback from medical students regarding physiatry education at the undergraduate level.
  • Advocate for medical students interested in physiatry. 

Accountability and reporting relationships

The Medical Student Committee communicates with the Executive team of the CAPM&R. An annual plan will be submitted by the second month of the new term. An annual report of activities will be submitted at the end of each term. All activities will be subject to the approval of the Executive team.


  • 1 Chair
  • 1 Vice-Chair
  • 1 Secretary
  • 1 Education/Mentorship representative  
  • 1 Membership representative
  • 1 Communications representative

All members are expected to:

  • Participate in at least 8 meetings per year of 1 hour each
  • Participate in projects between meetings, amounting to approximately 6 hours/month


Members are asked to participate for 1 year, from July 1st to June 31st. Members can serve for up to 3 terms.


Any medical student in MS1-MS3 in Canada is eligible to apply by submitting a statement of interest and their resume. A lottery will be conducted to select the incoming candidate for each position. Selected candidates may swap positions amongst themselves if all parties are mutually agreeable. The deadline for the swapping period is one week following the release of the results of the lottery.   

Committee Membership:

  • Eligibility:
    • 5 medical students across Canada in MS1-MS3
    • Active member of CAPM&R at time of application
  • Membership roles:
    • Chair (1)
      • Organizes Medical Student Committee annual action plan and pursues set goals
      • Presides over all student council meetings
      • Serves as a liaison to the CAPM&R
    • Secretary (1)
      • Assists Chair with organizing the annual action plan
      • Organizes Medical Student Council meetings and conference calls
      • Takes roll call and records meeting minutes
    • Education/Mentorship representative (1)
      • Works with the CAPM&R on faculty and resident mentorship programs for medical students
      • Collaborates with the Communications representative to develop webpage with compiled resources
      • Organize quarterly virtual journal club sessions
    • Membership representative (1)
      • Provides information and support to current Student Interest Groups throughout the country
      • Assists CAPM&R staff with marketing and communications efforts focused on recruiting medical students to join the CAPM&R and attend the CAPM&R's Annual General Meeting
      • Compiles quarterly newsletter for student membership
    • Communications representative (1)
      • Promotes online engagement focusing on medical student interests
      • Works with CAPM&R staff to update and maintain the CAPM&R Medical Student Council webpage
      • Manages the Medical Student Council Twitter account


  • Biweekly virtual meetings
  • Annual general meeting at the CAPM&R

Activities 2020-2021:

  • Quarterly newsletter
    • Update membership on MSC activities and opportunities for engagement
  • Networking and educational events at the CAPM&R Annual General Meeting
    • Potential events include: Speed Mentorship, Tips for PM&R Electives, Student scholars networking
  • Resource compilation
    • Webpage compiling resources for medical students interested in physiatry
  • Virtual journal club
    • Quarterly virtual journal club inviting student/resident presenters to discuss journal articles of significance in the field of physiatry
  • MS4/Resident/Faculty panels
    • Virtual sessions covering topics from career paths in physiatry to tips for residency applications