Eligibility: Any student enrolled in a Canadian university or medical school at the time of the contest deadline.

Requirements: An original investigative work in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation done by students will be eligible. In the case of published works or works submitted for publication, the student must be the primary author or major investigator. A major investigator is expected to design and write up the project. This includes the literature search and construction of the project. All submissions should be approved by the research or program director of that student. In some cases, a letter may be requested from the research or program director stating that the student has done the major amount of the work. Guidelines: Submissions should be written in a style suitable for submission to the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine and be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 200 words.

Language: The CAPM&R will accept submissions in either French or English. However, in order to meet the guidelines for publication in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, authors are required to submit an English translation of the accompanying abstract by July 31. Authors who do not provide an English translation may still present at the CAPM&R conference, but their abstract will not be forwarded to the Journal for publication.

Prize: $500 and a commemorative certificate. An abstract of the winning paper will be posted on the CAPM&R website and published in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine.

Deadline: All entries must be submitted using the online abstract module found under the "Annual Meetings" menu.

PLEASE NOTE: Contest and Abstract submissions are reviewed separately. Non-winning contest submissions are not automatically accepted for poster presentation at the conference. Separate abstract submissions are required to be considered for poster presentation.

Award Recipients

Year First Name Last Name Paper Title
2015 Jason Liang "Exploring the barriers to physical activity in adults with spina bifida cystica with myelomeningocele"
2014 Alvin Ip "A novel way of detecting intrathecal baclofen withdrawal in post-operative patients"
2013  Alvin  Ip  "Applying resistance against the stronger leg to improve walking symmetry in people with stroke: a pilot study"
2007 Vivien Tang “Prognostic Indicators in Metastatic Spinal Cord Compression: Using functional independence measure and Tokuhashi scale to optimize rehabilitation planning?”
2006 Isaiah Day “Can Topical Anesthetic Reduce the Discomfort Associated with Interventional Zygapophysial Joint Block/Injections?”
2005 Alun Ackery “A Global Perspective on Spinal Cord Injury Epidemiology”
2005 Farah Mateen “Pleiotropic Effects of Antiplatelet Medications and the Role of the Endothelium”
2004 Anne Conlin “Treatment of Whiplash-Associated Disorders: A Meta-Analysis and Systematic Review”
2003 Anita Mountain “The Wheelchair Skills Test: Validity of an Algorithm Based Questionnaire Version”
2002 Denise Koh “Sexuality, Fertility, Pregnancy, and Motherhood in the Spinal Cord Injured Woman: A Literature Review”
2002 Michael Payne “A Retrospective Analysis of Peripheral Nerve Injury Associated With Shoulder Trauma”