Join us for a 90 minute webinar in the safety of your office. CAPM&R webinars showcase a national and international faculty to address of our specialty with the generous support of our partners.  

In this session, we will review the diagnosis and treatment of chronic migraine patients and introduce novel medications.

Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1200-1300 EDT 

At the end of the activity, participants will be able to:

  1. Describe a basic understanding of novel headache treatments
  2. Describe the history and diagnosis of chronic migraine
  3. Describe the new literature on Botox and how it works with other migraine medications
  4. List the basic introduction to the new CGRP blockers

Target audience: Physiatrists, Residents, Medical Students.

Speaker:  Corrie Graboski, Medical Director, Island Health’s outpatient clinics for amputee rehabilitation Royal Jubilee Hospital, & pediatric rehab at the Queen Alexandra Centre.

Host:  Paul Winston, MD FRCPC, Clinical Associate Professor, department of Medicine @University of British Columbia & Island Medical Program UBC or

CanMEDS Roles: Medical Expert (the integrating role), Communicator, Health Advocate, Professional

Speaker Declaration of Conflict of Interest

  • Dr. Graboski does have a relationship with a for-profit and/or a not-for-profit organization to disclose; she has received speaking honoraria from Allergan, Aralez, Lilly, Novartis/Amgen
  • Dr. Graboski is a member on Allergan, Lilly, Aralez advisory boards as a research adviser.
  • Dr. Graboski has received research grants from Allergan, Amgen/Novartis
  • Dr. Graboski does intend to make therapeutic recommendations for medications that have not received regulatory approval (i.e. “off-label” use of medication).  She will declare all off-label use to the audience during your presentation.

Accreditation: This event is an Accredited Group Learning Activity (Section 1) as defined by the Maintenance of Certification Program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and approved by the Canadian Association of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. You may claim a maximum of 1.0 hours (credits are automatically calculated)


Co-developed with Allergan

Co-development is defined by the Royal College as the process by which two or more organizations — at least one of which must be a physician organization — prospectively collaborate to develop and implement an accredited educational activity, learning resource or tool. The physician organization (CAPMR) has ultimate authority over all decisions and is accountable to ensure that the administrative, educational and ethical accreditation standards for group learning activities are met. This webinar was co-developed with Allergan and CAPMR and was planned to achieve scientific integrity, objectivity and balance.

Dr. Corrie Graboski is a Physiatrist in Victoria, BC. She graduated from her PM&R residency in 2007 and started her practice in Victoria that year- with Paul Winston. She takes full credit for bringing Paul to Victoria and therefore vicariously takes credit for all the amazing work he has done! She has focused on the treatment of migraine for the past 5 years and this has become her main passion. She is part of several National and International research studies examining novel migraine treatments. When she is not working she loves spending time with her family- husband Dave, and 11 year old twins, Ben and Brooke, playing piano and doing karate.